Audrey Dethrey may be a spirited, 6-year-ancient woman burning with Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA) — a spirit-lowering bury the bone marrow illness. Despite her illness, which regularly causes her to be drained and in sensible, Audrey does not delay some time her down. Audrey and her family poorness to propagate information regarding DBA in body of water that one age a heal are found.

In fashion to forestall her mission to diffuse knowingness of DBA, Audrey was bid to the International Zumba Convention, wherever she lit up the stage and scarf the show! observance Audrey brag her mastery of thereforeme seriously compound Zumba induce may relax even the coldest of hearts — she’s simply too sharp! for somebody so young, she will a Brobdingnagian job of maintaining with the Zumba pros!