Fake SBI aka State Bank of India branch busted, culprits grounded in Chennai in 2020

The year 2020 has given a shocker to SBI (state bank of india) too, India’s largest public sector bank. This one comes from Chennai now. A Fully functioning Fake SBI branch was busted in Chennai.

A 19-year-old son of Ex bank staffers from Chennai was the mastermind behind this scam. He used the knowledge he gained by being around his parents and opened his own fake branch.

Kamal Babu the 19 year old from Chennai was the mastermind of the plan that also involved other 2 men. This fake SBI branch was opened in Panruti, Tamil Nadu.

SBI - State Bank of India

SBI – State Bank of India

This branch was started three months ago and they managed to do all this during the lockdown so that the chances of them getting caught were less. However, they forgot it’s fake bank branch and not fake apparel which is sold on fashion street.

Their plan seemed pretty smooth as one from the other 2 guys runs his own printing press, while the other one makes rubber stamps. Kamal made arrangements of the lockers, computers, forged documents and challans amongst other items. They even created a website in the name of Panruti Bazaar branch.

An Inspector of Police at Panruti has confirmed the development and said the police have arrested three people the mastermind Kamal Babu, A Kumar & M Manickam.

The plot’s mastermind Kamal Babu’s father passed away 10 years ago, while his mother is a retired employee of the bank. His major learning of bank operations came from his parents who served the bank for so many years.

This 3 months old suspicious branch was noticed by a regular State Bank of India (SBI) customer who saw it in Panruti and reached out to his existing Branch manager. It came to the customer’s notice when he acquired receipt from this fake branch. That is when he reached out to his branch manager. They immediately escalated this information to the Zonal office. To which the Zonal office informed the Branch Manager that only two branches were actively running in Panruti, and there was no third branch in the area.

To the surprise of SBI officials who visited the fake branch, they saw the entire setup which exactly looked like an original bank branch, with all the systems, interiors and infra in place. The SBI (state bank of india)officials immediately lodged a complaint with the Panruti police which led to the arrest of the three culprits. It was observed that there were no transactions that took place, so luckily no customer lost any money. All three accused were presented in court and are booked under sections 473, 469, 484, 109 of the Indian Penal Code, according to the local media report.

A similar case was registered in 2018 in Uttar Pradesh, where a person opened a fake branch of Karnataka bank like state bank of india aka SBI

When the police officials enquired Babu, he said that he never had any intentions to cheat people but he always wanted to open a bank for himself. Nevertheless, there have been many transactions between his mother’s account and another his aunt’s account. The officials mentioned that a probe is underway.

The year 2020 has surely been a package of shocking surprises which began with the Coronavirus Pandemic affecting the world, Indian film industry losing its decorated stars, top global sports like Olympics getting postponed, China going crazy with its neighbours and culprits like Kamal Babu creating chaos in the system.

Lets wish for better times ahead in the remainder of 2020.

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